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Stevens sheds light on her Lower Haight Mural

In Artist on October 6, 2011 at 6:33 pm

In a lovely coffee shop in the Haight, I sat down with Megan Stevens to discuss her recent work that was completed this May. Stevens recently dabbled in the art of painting murals and finished her first piece that is on the corner of Haight and Pierce.

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Stevens, originally from the Midwest, came to California to continue her artistic path and to try new outlets of expression. Her mural in Lower Haight is made up of many succulents and is a staple in her new future as a muralist. She draws inspiration from her mother, different teachers throughout her life, and from the various places she has traveled — including attending a school in Denmark. Stevens also likes to admire the work of others.

“I learn about different and new artists, not only to expand my knowledge, but to see where I can take myself and how I can push myself personally,” said Stevens.

She plans to leave San Francisco in the near future and hopes to explore and grow more as an artist and person.


As a little, extra tidbit, you can listen to Stevens give a few tips to up and coming artists and muralists. She also speaks about a non-profit organization called Architecture for Humanity, and how this non-profit sets out and helps the community by doing projects.

One project Steven did with them, alongside muralists Jeremy Novy and Ian Johnson, was for the organization Compass Family Services, and in this space Stevens painted two murals, one consisting of the succulents once again.


If you would like to contact Megan Stevens, be it to provide praise, give feedback or to simply ask a few questions, you can email her at (Which was provided on the bottom right corner of her mural in the Haight.)


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