Virginia Tieman

Once upon a time….

In Purpose on December 13, 2011 at 3:11 pm

Once upon a time the walls and walkways of the world were plain, dreary and untouched. As the days flew by turning into months then years illustrations began to form. Cavemen drew stick figures, Egyptians created  hieroglyphics, and from those days on, people have been known to tell stories through images and produce humble to massive sized artwork.

Murals have been around since word of mouth started its climb into the common. Starting this blog was a way to get more coverage on what seems to be the “unordinary” and instill this message that art is always around and trying to flourish — especially in San Francisco. I have enjoyed roaming the city and uncovering stories and hope that I have inspired some of you to do the same.

Take a stroll, walk, or jog, and when you find something put up on a wall, stop and give it some attention. Artists, most of the time, paint or imagine something for a reason and it is put up on a wall or walkway with passion, enthusiasm and love for the work they do. If you find yourself wondering what the artist was trying to accomplish, how they obtained the space, or simply want to know more about their personal life I suggest seeking out the information. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone when the answer is not too far away. One thing I can take away from this is knowing that people are willing to talk to you when they have put so much time into accomplishing something and they’d love to share a little bit about themselves.

You could end up learning about a tattoo artist, someone who does murals as they travel, you could get a private tour of a famous building or even surprise yourself by learning something you wouldn’t have believed before. Not to mention, murals have a way of appearing in historical buildings that have a message of their own.

I hope to continue this blog when I return from my study abroad adventure in Amsterdam and will take my curiosity for the background behind art and see what Europe has in store for me. One of my main suggestions, which I hope you have picked up by now, is to stay hungry for knowledge and let yourself get an eyeful when walking about San Francisco — you never know what you might discover with a little attention to detail.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who was willing to let me interview them, take photos of their work, take photos of them, and also do some video. I would also like to thank my professor and classmates — we’ve all been spreading our own message one way or the other this semester. I hope you enjoyed my blog because I sure did enjoy exploring the sights this city has to offer.

Best wishes,

Virginia M. Tieman


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