Virginia Tieman


Ever walk the streets of San Francisco with a mural to your right, above your head or staring right at you? Do you ever catch yourself wondering what the artist was trying to portray, the message he/she is trying to put forth or an emotion the artist wants their audience to feel?

I am one of those strollers who has wondered such thoughts and, in turn, have created a blog to fill the curiosity of the masses. This blog will share stories of artists behind murals and highlight public opinion about artwork that some see every day. The creativity, uniqueness and sheer diversity of each mural is astounding that I fully believe this blog is meant for everyone and anyone. With this blog as a tool, you will have the ability to impress your friends with knowledge about murals and learn more about the character of San Francisco. What could be better than learning history of the “wallpaper” of San Francisco?


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